Welcome to Datatunnel

datatunnel mission

We are passionate for data solutions and we share our knowledge with our employees, partners and customers.

We believe in a separation of ownership between ICT assets and data assets. We have talent that understands data and analytics.

We believe that data has a measurable cost and benefit.

We believe that data has an origin and a market value which increases or deprecates over time.

We believe that data is an asset or becomes a liability when the data is badly managed.

We believe in a mature apprehension of data as an asset.

We believe in a data-driven organisation.

datatunnel mision

What we do

Data Management

Identify the data management requirements and organisational data issues of your company.

Connect your data and departments with a proper data management methodology.

Integrate the proper tools that support data management knowledge areas.

Promote a company-wide understanding of knowledge areas and the value of your data assets.

Our final goal is to help you mature in your data capabilities and upgrade specific skills, talent, tools and processes that you need to reach digital maturity.


Enterprise Data Strategy Design

Data Strategy Design And Communication
We are subject matter experts in data strategy design and communication. We provide to business users a pragmatic approach to design a modern data strategy. Our data strategy methodology aligns the data strategy with the business strategy and operational priorities. Our data strategy covers the Body of Knowledge in Data Management and we look at the maturity level of your enterprise data in relation to data domains such as data security, data integration, data quality and business intelligence.

The result of our work is a data strategy report that is fully aligned to your business strategy and provide a calendar for implementation of priorities.

Digital Transformation Programme

Digital Transformation Programme Management

If you need a programme manager for your Digital Transformation programme, Datatunnel can provide you one.

It will be challenging to think “big data or advanced analytics” unless you start classifying, securing , integrating, and sharing your valuable structured and unstructured data. All these transformative developments will build the confidence of all stakeholders and operations and help you evolve in your data maturity levels. Trusting your data will be the fundamental component to mature in your analytics capabilities. Once your company is spearheaded in the analytics roadmap it will do more with data and gain a competitive advantage in their market.

Data Managed Services Programme

Data Managed Services Programme Management

Our Data Management Knowledge Areas are broken down in twelve service components including Master Data Management, Data Architecture Services, Data Modelling Services, Data Quality Services, Data Warehouse Management, Business Intelligence, Data Lake Management, AI and Data Science Services, Metadata and Classification Services, Data Integration Services, Data Security and Privacy Services and Data Life Cycle Management Services.

These services can be purchased individually or contracted under a Data Managed Services subscription model. We assign subject matter experts to each service and you pay only for what you use under an agreed utilisation rate per month. This avoids you having underutilised resources.