Databases and Data Modelling

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Enterprise domain modelling across your organisation increases connectivity and insights of your structured and non-structured data. In summary, Datatunnel provides the following data modelling services:
Logical Modelling of entities, functions and relationships | Physical Data Domain Models for your APPS | RDBMS models for your SQL databases | NoSQL modelling for your data lake, Apps and pipelines | Analytics models for BI Insights and Reporting APPS.

When your project requires bundled services and resources throughout the year, we can offer a data managed service subscription which guarantees availability of talented resources throughout the year. Get in touch with us and request a data-managed services subscription. We only charge out for a minimum utilisation time of resources which balances out costs and benefits throughout the year for you and for us.


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meeting 70This is a free consultation. We are happy to book a 30 min+ slot online or over the phone to discuss your requirements in relation to database modelling. Please have a look at our available time slots for business meetings and book a time that works for you and for us. Remote Session: Once the appointment is confirmed, you receive a separate online invite for a 30 min session.