Our Online Bookings Services

Our online bookings system grant you access to several top-level data services. Our services can be purchased through our online shop and additional long-term projects and resources are requested by contacting Datatunnel.

You can access our “shop” section to view the details and costs of each service. There are several paid and free consultation services for companies seeking to mature in their data capabilities and analytics roadmap.

Our top-level bookings services

  • Foundational Data Architecture

  • Master Data Management

  • Data Modelling

  • Data Quality Management

  • Data Lake Services

  • Data Warehousing Services

  • Business Intelligence Services

  • Ai and Machine Learning Services

  • Data Life Cycle Services

  • Data Security and Privacy Services

  • Metadata and Classification Services

  • Data Integration Services

How to book a service?


  • Use  MY ORDER PROFILE AND BOOKINGS  to register or login.
  • Access our online <shop> menu.
  • Select the top-level service that you are interested in.
  • Each top-level service offers a variety of choices.
  • Select the service that you had like to book.

Calendar and Resources

  • A calendar will allow to check the availability of our data resources. In the background each of our resources provides an availability calendar for new assignments. We may have more than one resource available against a service. If we have more than one resource assigned to a service, they are equally qualified to perform the service and therefore the customer cannot select the resource.
  • However, when a project requires a longer-term assignment, Datatunnel will provide recommendations to the customer to select a dedicated resource depending on several variables such as language skills, time-zone, location, and industry-specific domain.
  • Depending on the service you can book resources for a period. That period can be for a specific day, multiple weeks, or months. A paid service has a minimum time on a day, but you can buy multiple time slots across multiple days.
  • There are always resources attached to each service.
  • The bookings calendar will always display whether our resources are:
    • Available
    • Partially Available
    • Fully Occupied
  • Closed days from the calendar cannot be selected for appointments.
  • The calendar shows 3 to 6 consecutive months and our first weekday is Monday. If you would require appointing resources beyond those rolling 6 months, please contact us with your project details.

Opening Times

Datatunnel Ltd HQ is located in Ireland and our standard opening times are 09:00am to 07:00pm Dublin time. We have the benefit of having resources across the world and therefore when we complete our day in Dublin, we have other data teams that continue working in their respective time zones.

When we have multiple resources from various time zones assigned to one service, you will be able to book time against resources from your preferred time zone. We also advise you to work with staff across time zones as this can increase productivity of your data project.

Bookings Restriction

There is no minimum time for booking a service. Our qualified resources are in various time zones. A resource that receives the order determines whether the order can be confirmed within the required starting time requested by the customer.

Purchase Confirmation Page

As you “check-out” the shop cart, you confirm the order by providing your company and/or payment details. It is important that you book these services with a valid <company email> and not your personal email. Without registration of company details, you cannot complete the order.

Email Bookings Confirmation and Order Status

After booking a service, you receive an email with your <order id> and your <order key> and an outline of all ordered items. You also get via email an attached ICS that allow you to add the service appointment to your calendar.

Your order will show as PENDING, CONFIRMED, CANCELLED or REMOVED. It will show <pending> depending when the resource has not confirmed the appointment. Pending orders are usually confirmed soon after booking the order or not later than 24 hours following the order.

If you select to work with resources in other time zones different to yours, please consider that the order will be confirmed when the time zone resource becomes available.

All orders are placed in EURO currency.

Order Confirmation Within 24 Hours

When you book an order, you receive an order status email as PENDING. The resources behind each service CONFIRM the order not later than 24 hours. If an order is not confirmed by our resource within 24 hours, you receive a status email as REMOVED.

It is rare that a resource does not confirm its allocated calendar time for the service, but when such incident happen you can contact customer service and we would provide you with a different resource option or calendar date.

Once the issue is resolved, you receive an email with the CONFIRMED order status, or you can request to cancel the order.


Order Cancellation

You can cancel a standard order within the next two days after booking it.

If there was an issue with your booking and for any special reason you wish to cancel the order, fill in our order Order Cancellation.

If a <paid> standard order is cancelled, the amount paid beforehand will be kept within the user credit. This way the company will be able to purchase new service appointments with available credit.

Printable Orders

When you get an order confirmation you can print a copy of the order via the print icon.

Monthly Invoices

Any services completed by our resources within the current month are payable by the customer on the 1st of the following month or on the first working day of the following month.

Datatunnel Ltd generates invoices enough days ahead of the 1st for your own AP/AR processing. In some cases, invoices get generated immediately after the order is placed. Invoices are sent to your registered <company email>.


All our services exclude taxes from their prices. If your company is based in Ireland and you purchase services from Datatunnel Limited, all our invoices to you will include 23% standard tax rate (Value Added Taxes) for services. The Irish Government has announced a temporary reduction of VAT to 21% effective from 1 September 2020 to 28 February 2021.

A business person based in Ireland must register for VAT to fulfill tax obligations to the government. Registering for VAT also allows a business to reclaim VAT on purchases so that it never pays more tax than it should. As a result, VAT never becomes an overhead for your business.

Services Packages

The services packages offer a defined number of services without the selection of the check-in date and time.

Once the payment of a package order is made up front, as a customer you can specify the check-in date and time of one or more services simply by purchasing a service from the calendar. In this case, the cost of the services will not be considered, and you can simply allocate available resources against that package.

The services packages can be purchased only by registered users, as the system needs to check if a customer already owns at least a package to redeem. To redeem a package, during the booking process the customers have to login with the same <company email> they used to purchase a package, otherwise the package will not be available.

Work environment and communications

Offices and Security

Our resources work through an identified secured VPN tunnel and they perform the work from our company offices and/or home office when they are on consulting assignments. Therefore, each resource when working from home shares with the customer a <public IP> address to allow a secure connection between external devices and your internal systems.

Data Processing and Email Communications

Each of our resources use for communications with customers an email address from <datatunnel.io> domain. Datatunnel Ltd makes contractual arrangements with each customer and remains the sole Data Processor of any information exchange between Datatunnel resources and the customer organisation. All email information shared between Datatunnel Ltd and the Customer remains under Datatunnel hosted servers located in Europe. For more information, please read our Privacy policy.