Organisational data issues

You are working for the company and have seen some good outcomes from meetings to improve data.

But you noticed that turning a meeting outcome into operational efficiency is a hard thing to implement when you have piled up too many organisational issues around data.

The sum of organisational data issues is so large that you need a data management programme to put everything back, straight into data management knowledge areas.

To break the code of bad practices, you need to identify priority data issues and implement guided principles of data management. This requires correcting the data issues with the right mix of trained people, processes and technologies.

No data governance

Having a “no data governance” emergency state affects company reputation and turns your data into a liability.

Having a data strategy in place sets high company standards and stakeholders can expect reliable data.

For a CEO, it means trusting the data sitting behind profitability and performance reports.

For a GDPR department, it means dealing with data privacy legislation and security compliance of personal data records.

For a data analyst, it means producing metrics with reliable data sources and not having to worry about data quality issues.

Don’t leave your data in a poor state and start identifying the issues around your “no data governance” situation.

Attitude and beliefs

Scattered technologies have overshadowed the priority for a data management approach.

Your mind is corrupted with too many data solutions over the years, but you have the capacity of changing behaviour - then talk to us.

If you do nothing to your data governance issue, what happens to your business reputation?

Pay attention to your data consumers; they can judge your reputation. Fix your data issues.

Start with data areas and departments where your data has turned into a liability.

Don’t let your data issues crumple up to such an extent that you can’t distinguish good from bad data.

A data governance issue?

You need consensus on a data governance process, but you don’t know how to engage all stakeholders.

You have worked on various data projects, but you miss commonly accepted good practices, methods, roles, training, and corporate communication strategy.

You believe in a separation of ICT roles and data management roles is required to develop digital maturity.

You have identified various organisational issues around your company data, but you don’t know how to tackle the issue at corporate level.

A data operations issue?

You are a product manager and your time-to-market is affected because the data is unreliable and has rather turned into a liability.
You are a data-savvy manager, but your ideas don’t reach consensus.
You are a stakeholder and your decision-making process is affected by your data quality.
You work with highly sensitive data, but there is a lack of data reconciliation.

Get traction on your meeting outcomes

You need a partner that knows where to start and how to fit a data governance approach around your organisational data issues.

Friendly team

We listen to your issues and we recommend scalable solutions.

Data management

Our approach uses standard principles of business and data management.


We are a vendor-neutral organisation and work with various partners.


Our managed service offers an agile support plan.

Connected data

We connect your enterprise with affordable data solutions.

Cost savings

Our programme metrics and discovery work measure the impact on costs and operational efficiency.

Subject matter experts

We commmunicate best practices on data governance, no word is wasted.

High Security Standards

From day one we protect your business and our engagement.