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datatunnel mission

We are passionate for data governance and we share our knowledge with our employees, partners and customers.

We believe in a separation of ownership between ICT assets and data assets. You have talent that understands technology and we have talent that understands data.

We believe that data has a measurable cost and benefit.

We believe that data has an origin and a market value which increases or deprecates over time.

We believe that data is an asset or becomes a liability when the data is badly managed.

We believe in a mature apprehension of data as an asset.

We believe in a data-driven organisation.

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Meet us at social events to discuss data issues.


Join our workshops on data governance.

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We invite you for a breakfast meeting to assess your organisational data issues.

Happy employees and partners

Our employees share common goals and have talent for data and technology.

Meet our leading staff

A team with common goals that implemented successful data governance programmes with integrated data management solutions.

Fede Nolasco

Lead Data Governance Business Analyst

Fede implemented a variety of data solutions for enterprise grade companies. He worked on data governance projects and designed data solutions for companies such as the Department of Justice and Equality, Google Inc, Dell Inc, TripAdvisor, Welocalize, Cisco, Apple, Sigma Coatings, Phillip 66, Volkswagen, Polaroid Trading and SWIFT group. Fede has an all-round expertise in data, from data discovery to prototyping and data modelling, to communications planning and remodelling of data infrastructures as well as having participated in various company-wide data strategies.

Fede is passionate for data. In his spare moments, he loves to socialise with friends and family.

Angeline Kenny

Lead Business Process Consultant

Angeline joined the team with over 20 years’ consultancy experience in business analysis & design roles, engaging at senior levels in Financial and Public Service Sector organisations in Ireland and United Kingdom; She recognises that business processes are a key component of the business architecture of an organisation. She is an experienced consensus builder with strong facilitation, communication and presentation skills that influence and enable effective decision making throughout the change management lifecycle.  She has both breadth and depth of experience in strategic business analysis; business architecture; business process analysis; business, technical and data requirement analysis; solution design; operating model design; change management; project delivery lifecycles.

Eoin O'Connell

Data and Research Expert

Eoin has worked on Data Science projects in the Irish Government as well as in the private sector.

He joins as an expert in statistics, experimental methods, stochastic modelling, database design, survey design, machine learning and reporting.

Eoin’s fields of experience include cardiology, insurance, transport, nutrition, exercise / accelerometery science, chemical exposure, criminology and psychology. 

datatunnel mision

What we do

Data governance

Identify the data governance requirements and organisational data issues of your company.

Connect your data and departments with a proper data management methodology.

Integrate the proper tools that support data management knowledge areas.

Promote a company-wide understanding of knowledge areas and the value of your data assets.

Implement in your company a successful data governance programme, knowledge areas and data operations team that controls the quality, the costs and share the business value of your company data assets.

Our story

By Fede L. Nolasco, Founder

A few years ago, a group of skilled people were hired to work on a large data project. A few of us joined at an early stage to work hand-in-hand with the CIO and started drafting the vision for the future on data governance. Other skilled members were contracted to deal with data infrastructure and business process analysis as well as carrying out prototyping and transformational work.

We got to know each other well, dealing with day-to-day challenges. From our respective experiences, we dealt with similar data issues in the past and we spotted that many companies are in need for a team and a company like Datatunnel Ltd.

We learned that working towards common goals requires a talented team that speaks with one voice and shares the same beliefs.

Datatunnel Ltd. was born in March 2018 to turn companies into data-driven organisations.

Datatunnel Ltd. is a company registered in Ireland under number 623163 with a tax number: IE3530034EH and a registered office in 22, Wilford Court, Cork Abbey Avenue, Bray, A98V755, Wicklow, Ireland.


Our staff members have received numerous recommendations from people around the world. We always appreciate such testimonials for the good work and appraised efforts and we are thankful for the opportunity given by these executives.

Alec Dolan

Former CIO, Department of Justice and Equality, Ireland

Fede was pretty much a founding member of Justice and Equality Data and Analytics. He brought massive specialist knowledge and problem-solving abilities. He lives for data governance and all that goes with it and his recommendations in respect of pilots and proofs of concept have all been substantial successes and form the basis of the platforms now in use in Justice. He is an excellent communicator, both in writing and in person.

Begona Agueda

Former Language services specialist and multilingual communication strategy advisor, Amnesty International, Spain

I contacted Fede in the preliminary phase to write a business plan that would lead the setting up of the Language Resource Centre in Amnesty International. I sought his advice to understand the best options for implementing a single platform to channel all language service requests. Fede’s capacity to understand the complex context and requirements of Amnesty was brilliant and his views of the different tools available in the market at the time were extremely useful.

René Petri

Former Senior Director IT Operations, Nero Development & Services GmbH, Germany

Fede has a very deep knowledge of the special markets in the translation supply chain! We hired him as an expert to save costs and set up a whole new supply chain for the localisation of all our Nero Products, Marketing and Web! Getting away from the very expensive Single Service Provider to a localised supply chain for each region. The project was a charm! We could really benefit from all his contacts and especially from the help in making rock solid contracts and good prices. We minimised our budget from €1.4m to €700,000 and this with better quality overall! This was a real success. Without his extensive help, this couldn't happen with such quality and within that very tight schedule.