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Data Management

Data Governance Management

If you are seeking to assess your data governance approach or are dealing with specific organisational data issues you can contact our data governance lead.

Data Architecture

Data Architecture Management

If you are looking for improving your data infrastructure or are dealing with data integration or enterprise search issues you can contact our lead in data design infrastructure.


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Send us your application, curriculum vitae and your latest portfolio.

Business analyst consultant

Business analyst with operational experience in transformational analysis and design.


  • Completed degree in┬ábusiness management or similar degree.
  • 2+ years practical expierence
  • Communication skills
  • Discovery of business workflows
  • Design of business models
  • Preparation and presentation of business cases and business models

Data scientist consultant

Data scientist with experience in descriptive and advanced analytics.


  • Completed education in business administration, math, economics, statistics or similar degrees.
  • 2+ years practical expierence
  • Experience with R and/or Python
  • Have client-facing business skills
  • Demonstrated portfolio of data science projects

Database administrator consultant

SQL and NoSQL database administrator with demonstrated work experience.


  • completed degree in IT-technology
  • 2+ years practical expierence
  • MS SQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, Postgresql, MongoDB or similar experience with other SQL and/or NoSQL databases
  • Analysis and consolidation of database infrastructure
  • Team work and motivated to be part of a large data team
Send us your application, curriculum vitae and your latest portfolio.